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Blood Red Translucent Leatherback Bearded Dragon 19-68

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Blood Red Translucent Leatherback Female. This big girl is 10 inches in length. She is HOT!!! Gorgeous Dragon, Breeder Quality. We are asking $199.99 shipped over night to your door.
(Toe nip (R) Rear Foot, Slight Tail Nip)
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Facebook logo Central Bearded Dragons are lizards that are native to Australia also know as Pogona Vitticeps. They eat both insects and plants making them omnivorous. Bearded Dragons can grow up to 24 inches long.

Bearded Dragons make great reptile pets. They don’t get too big, eat a wide variety of foods, are active during the day, and are gentle. A bearded dragon can be a great addition to your family. Check out our BEARDED DRAGON CARE SHEET.

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